Lily Horowitz – Founder of The Core Method Pilates

Lily K

Founder, The Core Method® and Kidlates®

Core Method Pilates was founded in 1998 by Lily K, a leading and published certified Pilates instructor with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Lily was first exposed to Pilates 19 years ago as a student of the method.  After personally realizing the benefits of the work, seeing changes in her own body and physical ability, she was then trained and certified in the method.

Since then, Lily has developed an instructional method based on the founding principles of Joseph H. Pilates and the integration of other core development techniques to create a total body experience for her clients.

We are now offering Core Method Circuit classes on the reformer, tower and chair.  Done in groups of three in 20 minute increments giving a total body workout using equipment only.

Lily is also the founder of Kidlates® and has done extensive work with children at all levels of ability. In collaboration with a variety of professionals including Pediatricians, Child Psychologists, OT's, PT's and Speech Therapists, she has emerged with a method and a program that can be applied to children both learning challenged and non learning challenged. Click here more information on the Kidlates® method!