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Good news! It is absolutely possible if your posture resembles the woman on the left to look like the woman on the right. Everyday for over 25 years I see this issue at the studio and we are helping people understand the landscape of their body and change the way they carry themselves. No one is helping us understand how our bodies are actually structured and the mechanics behind the structure.

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5 Truths About The Core Method®

There is much talk these days about primal spine and posture training, but what does this really mean and can it change our everyday lives?? Before we start this discussion we need to understand the meaning of a ‘neutral spine’ – and yes, everyone can and should have a neutral spine. Depending upon postural differences and imbalances – everyone’s neutral spine will be different but a strong core is essential in having a neutral spine – I am not referring to the popular ‘six pack’ muscles. I’m referring to the deepest layer of muscle that wraps around us like a girdle called the transverse abdominus. Strengthening this muscle allows us to be in a neutral spine position for our everyday lives. We can never cure structural imbalances like scoliosis or osteoporosis-but we can strengthen the muscles that support the structure so that there is proper muscular support for these postural imbalances.

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