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Oh, Your Aging Back!

Have you noticed you are always glancing down? Or perhaps you’ve caught your reflection in the mirror and noticed your back and shoulder are rounded forward? This is called kyphosis- it’s causes are varied – from bad posture to osteoporosis. Whatever the cause, this postural stance and lack of core strength CAN BE CORRECTED!

I can’t claim that Pilates changes structural abnormalities but it can strengthen the muscles around those abnormalities hence better supporting the individual’s structure. Alignment can be changed if their is 360 degree support of the structure.

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Could Your Achy Back Be Due to Tight Hamstrings?

Many people complain about a general achy lower back and if you are one of them, please take note: if you have seen a doctor and gone through the basic steps to make sure your back pain is nothing structural and by that I mean no bulging disc, or herniation etc…, see if you can sit on the floor at 90 degrees making sure you are sitting up on your buttocks/glutes (sits bones) with a straight back and with both legs extended in front of you on the floor. If you can do this with ease then your hamstrings are most likely not the culprit of your back pain.

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