Imagine every child of all ages and abilities maximizing their fullest potential while improving and developing their core strength ability.


Kidlates®, is a proven fitness program for kids of all ages and abilities based on the core strengthening principles of Joseph Pilates.  

Children with different abilities and developmental challenges made notable improvements in learning, focusing, socialization and overall strength after participating in the Kidlates®️ program according to parents and teachers. 

NOW Kidlates® can be done in the comfort of home with the entire family.

The Kidlates® program was developed and piloted over 10 years ago by Lily Horowitz, the founder of The Core Method®. Lily’s inspiration for the program came from the work she was doing with her son who was born with sensory processing challenges and  learning delays.  Because children with developmental challenges often present with poor trunk stability and weak core strength, Lily saw the potential benefit of using the Pilates approach to strengthen the “core” of children with these issues. 

Together with Dr. Sarita Freedman, a psychologist who specializes in children with emotional and developmental challenges, they created Kidlates® to assess, develop and monitor core strength, trunk stability, and overall strength, and coordination.  Over 10 years later, many families, including Lily’s, have realized remarkable results from the physical and social development that comes from core strength work. Flash forward, her son is now a fire fighter and EMT! 

COMING SOON: Kidlates® will be available via web-based instruction for families of all abilities!

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