It's Lily or Lipo– Lily has changed my entire body! -LB
I went to look for dresses for my son’s wedding and my sales person, who’s known me for years, asked me if I had a butt lift. Thanks Lily!

I used to be very unaware of my body and its neutral; now I can catch myself sitting out of neutral and then I hear Lily’s voice and remember N2S: navel to spine.
— SF

Success Stories – The Core Method Pilates

Lily is my longtime friend until recently when, after reading her article “your core is your floor,” I became a client. When I started I was literally crooked. Now that my core is stronger as well as my upper back, I am now even!!!!! The core method and its cuing is what’s really important. I hear lily and her cues in my head all day long!
— NL

My stomach is flatter and my legs are toned!
— BB

The Core Method® is better than spanx ‘cause it shaped my body so I no longer need spanx!
— EF

I have been a client for many years and before meeting Lily my lower body was way bigger than my upper body. Today, my body looks completely different and my hips are now in perfect proportion with my upper body!

Client Success Stories – The Core Method Pilates

I fit into pants I haven’t fit into for 5 years!
— MW

I’ve been a client for many years, when I first started I couldn’t lift a 3 pound weight, now I can do twice that and my entire body has changed! Recently at my son’s wedding, I wanted to wear a banner saying “body by Lily”
— MB

Success Stories – The Core Method Pilates

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